POND, Canyons & Steele (and earthquake fundraiser)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

This Friday the 22nd of January we have a special party happening in Sydney and attendance is essential. There are two main reasons for this; the first being that Pond are playing live and if you haven't witnessed them then you need to. Pond's recently completed album 'Frond' will be released on Hole in the Sky in the near future and the first single, Cloud City, will be hitting the radio very shortly. You'll no doubt get to hear it if you tune in to FBI this week. Pond's album is honestly some of the most exciting music we've heard in a while, so we highly recommend checking them out. Once Pond have weaved their magic, Canyons and Steele will be DJ'ing up a storm into the early hours of the morning.

Main reason no. 2 for attending this party is that we are donating ALL proceeds to a Haiti earthquake relief fund. The recent earthquake in Haiti is beyond tragic, and it is impossible to fathom what it must actually be like over there. So please head down to Goodgod this Friday if you're in Sydney - the music will be amazing and the cause is essential. See flyer below for details...