Monday, November 30, 2009

Yesterday our fifth release hit the stores - a four track 12" by the very talented Jacques Renault. The record is titled 'Favicon' and features 4 outstanding edits by this revered DJ and producer who is also one half of Runaway. The release is already being played and praised by My Cousin Roy (Wurst), Cosmo Vitelli, Alex Frankel (Holy Ghost!), Prince Language, Mark E, Jim Stanton (Horse Meat Disco) and Robin (David Gilmore Girls) which (at least in our books) is a pretty reasonable indicator of the quality of said release.

We've got lots of great releases coming up, including an album by a band that we believe are going to have some serious impact so stay tuned to the space tornado...


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Here's a mix from a way's back by Rong Music's Ben Cook aka Stranger titled 'He's your husband, I'm your man'.
We met Ben in August while out in LA where he passed on a copy of the mix. After being on constant repeat for the last 3 months we thought we had to post it up as it's some serious all time vibe.
Cannot recommend this enough!! DL here

1. Lalo Shifren - Quiet Village
2. Tony Wilson - Can't Leave It Alone
3. Manzanera - K Scope
4. Arlyn Gale - Take A Nightflight
5. Barbara Mason - Darling Please Come Home
6. B.B. Baker & the Chocolate Co. - Dreamer
7. Steely Dan - FM (No Static)
8. Milk and Honey - Touch
9. Orb - Little Pink Fluffy Clouds
10. Maze - Twilight
11. Wally Badarou - Spiderwoman - remix
12. Shelter Classics  - Gypsy Woman
13. I Cube - ???

Ben also took a little time out to chat about the mix and other bits and pieces.

Can you tell us the story behind this mix? What were your thoughts going into and what was it initially done for?

I did the mix for a record store in Japan a few years back.  I took my time selecting the music, maybe three months or so.  I'd come home from drinking or whatever and listen to a small stack of records looking for material.  It was actually quite a rewarding experience.  Fun to have a purpose when your listening to your favorite songs.  I had to attempt the blend mixing 4 or 5 times to get what I was after.  After sending it off and passing some out to close friends, I shelved it and didn't listen again for a good year or so.  A friend had it on when  I was with her and that made me appreciate it fully again under those circumstances.  I like it so much actually, I haven't attempted another mix since.  Will take me a few years to get up the gumption to repeat the process.  Anyways, listening to what I'm sayin right now, I sound like a wanker so I'm gonna move on to the next question.

You're one half of Rong Music along with DJ Spun, how did you guys come to start the label?

No fuckin clue actually.  Just happened, was very organic.  We liek the same things and from there grew the label, that's the best way to explain I guess.

How was growing up in San Francisco through the 80's & 90's? What a great time to be there and what amazing music came out there from that period right!

The bay area will always be home to me.  My introduction into dance and club culture happened at a very special time in SF.  Unforgettable actually.  Like having a master key to the city after dark.. I'd honestly be out 5 nights a week.  There was so much going on, and so many colorful and crazy characters involved, it was quite special and unique.

You're regarded as a pretty serious record collector across the board, what is the record you're most looking for now when you hit the thrift stores if i may be so bold?

Ha! I tell you, you tell someone else.... Nahh, I'll throw a real one out there. One that I always look for but have had a hard time placing my greedy mits on over the years is Montana Sextet - The Mixown EP.  If ya got one, ring me, I'll trade ya a big stack o disco for it. Well.. a medium sized stack actually.

You've produced records also, the most recent being Woolfy's latest album 'If You Know What's Good For Ya' Can you tell us a little about that experience?

Was my first engineer job w/out being a producer as well actually.  Was time consuming but rewarding.

What artists / labels are you currently feeling?

Favorite artists right now - Harry Nilsson.  Favorite label - My mind doesnt really think about music that way.  I have favorite music and artists really.

Can you tell anything about what's coming up on Rong next?

Coati Mundi remix by Lee Douglas, James Chance 12" and then Coati Mundi's LP!

What is the best/funniest request you've been asked while DJing?

Too many to mention.  I seem to attract the crazies when I DJ - without fail, crazies everytime. I put off a scent that crazies smell. Wait, heres one -  I almost got hit once for not playing Car wash once.  that was pretty funny and ridiculous. 

Thanks for taking the time to talk Ben!

Your welcome mate


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Canyons have been nominated for a SMAC (Sydney music, arts and culture) Award!
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