Thursday, February 26, 2009

Up next for the HITS summer mix series is a top mix put together by 40 Thieves (pictured above).

Download here:
1. holly dolly - kano
2. dutch/boys/dance floors (canyons remix) - return to sender
3. ragazza - unbekannt
4. fly the wind (beats)
5. earth (toby tobias 3pm mix)
6. don't try to stop me - kano
7. right in the socket - shalamar
8. jungleman life - loud e
9. rock bed (original)
10. snl - ncam
11. tomorrow - (dfa remix)
12. norway man - hot coins
13. can't be beat - quiet village

And stick around because soon enough we'll post an interview with Layne from 40 Thieves and you'll find out why they recorded this mix, what's happening with their album and some other stuff of interest...


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

VOL 4 of the HITS SUMMER MIX series has arrived! It's an excellent mix put together by an excellent DJ and lovely lass named Kali. Kali has impeccable taste and is responsible for pushing good music into peoples ears by day down at Spank Records and at night on the steely wheels across town. On top of this Kali has had a hand in bringing to our sunny shores such talent as the Idjut Boys, Richard Sen, In Flagranti and Felix Dickinson. And thanks to Kali, in the following months we'll be seeing Lee Douglas, Lovefingers and The Revenge down under(!).You can catch Kali playing alongside Pete Herbert this Friday night at the Lady Lux, so head down and thank her for making Sydney's musical landscape a nice place to be.



Triple J Mixup

Friday, February 6, 2009

Canyons are the resident DJ's for triple J's Mixup show throughout February. Each Saturday they'll be playing some jams they like on air from 9-10pm so tune in and vibe out. You can stream it here:


HITS summer mix vol 4 on the way!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Here's installment number three of the summer mix series we've got going on. As with the other mixes we've posted this one is jam packed with the good stuff. It comes from a man with an incredibly long name which he himself, in order to avoid confusion and mispronunciations, has decided to cut down to one syllable - Radge. The guy is somewhat of an enigma: swimmer, part time photo taker and full time internet dweller, Radge is beardy in appearance and burly in stature. He cuts the rug like nothin' else, owns a pair of balearic shorts for every day of the week and on top of all this gets nice on the ones and the twos. Friend to many and enemy to none, Radge is the guy everyone likes to like. Occasionally he needs to be reminded that life isn't always a party. But not today. His mix isn't of the party variety, just a pleasure to sit down and listen to. So download the mix, dive in and let Radge lead the way.