Cool in the pool...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Now it may be cooling down here in Australia but things are warming up in the North and we've got a couple of new mixes for you to cool in your pool to. Len, who runs the always excellent site coolinthepool, has done not one but two mixes for the blog - a warming up AND a cooling down mix. If you're unfamiliar with coolinthepool then make yourself familiar. It features interviews with and mixes from some of the best people in the game, and a record store has also recently been added to the site. Len only stocks records he's feeling (once you take a listen to his mixes you'll trust the man's taste). His inspiration for the store has stemmed from the fact that it's becoming surprisingly difficult to buy certain releases over in the States; Len is doing his bit to keep the vibe alive. There's also going to be a focus on stocking records that will never make it to digital.