Sunday, March 15, 2009

Number two in the Autumn mix series comes courtesy of Melbourne DJ and friend of Hole in the Sky Dan Beck. Dan has DJ'd all around the place, from the UK to Indonesia, and his taste in music is supreme. If he's playing somewhere where you are then make sure you check him out, but in the mean time download the mix he recorded just for us.
Download mix:


1. Supermax - Ain't Gonna Feel - Elektra

2. ???

3. Direct Current - Everybody Here Must Party (instrumental) - Sidewalk

4. Dada Nada - Deep Love (Instrumental) - Polydor

5. Romanthony - Falling From Grace (Ethereal mix) - Azuli

6. Daniel Wang - The Twirl - Balihu

7. Daniel Bell - Warped - Elevate Special Projects

8. Kez YM - Sweetly confused - 4Lux

9. 40 Thieves - Yo Spaceship! Megamix - Life is Special - Rong

10. Kat Mandu - I wanna Dance - Rams Horn Records

11. Discolexic - Straight From the Heart - Discolexic Edits

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Anonymous said...

Wicked mix!

Rohan said...

Hhhmmmnice !
You'll be more famous than your Bro if you keep this up :-)
Wikid mix man !

Sarah said...

Love the new mix .. veeery nice :)

Love your work xo

Anonymous said...

Fantastic and varied mix. Dan Beck is a killer DJ and this certainly shows it. Nice!