Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sadly summer is gone for another year. And with the passing of summer comes an end to the summer mix series (until next year). What next? The Autumn mix series of course. First off the bat is a guest mix Canyons recorded on air a few weeks back while on Triple R's excellent radio show Noise In My Head. Do yourself a favour and tune in on Sunday nights from 10pm to Noise In My Head and let host Michael Kucyk take you on a seriously deep journey. As for the mix, it's a little rough here and there but the jams are hot and good times were had.

Download here:
Head over to Noise In My Head for the track-listing if you're interested...


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the mix! Great selection of tracks, sexy Soul/ /Disco/Deep house. Bring on the Autumn mix series :-)