Thursday, February 26, 2009

Up next for the HITS summer mix series is a top mix put together by 40 Thieves (pictured above).

Download here:
1. holly dolly - kano
2. dutch/boys/dance floors (canyons remix) - return to sender
3. ragazza - unbekannt
4. fly the wind (beats)
5. earth (toby tobias 3pm mix)
6. don't try to stop me - kano
7. right in the socket - shalamar
8. jungleman life - loud e
9. rock bed (original)
10. snl - ncam
11. tomorrow - (dfa remix)
12. norway man - hot coins
13. can't be beat - quiet village

And stick around because soon enough we'll post an interview with Layne from 40 Thieves and you'll find out why they recorded this mix, what's happening with their album and some other stuff of interest...


sb said...

is it too much trouble to tag these mixes before you upload them? i mean its one file. by the time i get around to transferring a batch of music to my external hdd i'm not going to remember what the hell 'fineartmix' is or what blog i got it from. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of the music hits! Is it just me, or is it a little rude to make snide comments to a blog that is giving away awesome mixes for the listening pleasure of others? Sure, I might not have an external hard drive full of music I can't decipher between, but that might have something to do with actually buying records from time to time.

H.I.T.S. said...

Dear sb,

Although we like sharing music with people, It's actually not compulsory to download our mixes, so feel free to not download them if they're simply putting you out too much. I mean crikey, we had no idea how much we've been inconveniencing everyone. I always thought mixes were to download and listen to, not to hoard somewhere on an external hard drive.

My only real suggestion for you sir is to check out a book called 'How to Improve Your Memory' by Harry Lorayne. What a great read. That way you won't have to try so hard to remember which blog you downloaded something from. The book is also available on cassette, which would be ideal for you. I mean you could be listening to it and at the same time trawling blogs for FREE music. A real time saver.

(Thanks anonymous!)

Anonymous said...

Or you can try FILE/SAVE AS... and name it whatever the F you want.

Thanks, HITS, for the mixes!

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha tooo good- sb take those comments to bed with you and your hard drive hahahaha