Best Art Vinyl 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

We are very proud to announce that Tame Impala (H.I.T.S. 003) has been nominated for Best Art Vinyl 2008. The cover artwork was painted by Mr Kevin Parker himself and the design was done by our very good friend Jonothan Zawada, who came to our rescue after our original design was rejected by the manufacturers!
There are 50 releases nominated and voting begins today. You can check out the nominations and vote (for Tame Impala of course) at Best Art Vinyl 2008 See more of Jonathan's incredible work at a
Enormous thank you to everyone who helped make this release possible and to everyone who has supported it.


shunji said...

hot in the sky indeed.

nice work guys

chris said...

Great stuff, the artwork looks fantastic! Well done, will vote for sure!