Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our good friends at Fader magazine made this excellent piece of artwork that was just too good! We thought that we had to share a laugh, he's what they had to say......

There are definitely pluses to living in New York, but also there are minuses like not being able to have band practice in your dad's garage with your trebley Ibanez guitar starter set. We're not sure if New Zealand's Ladyhawke or Australia's Canyons ever really got the chance to move a lawnmower to set up a drum set, but after listening to this it sounds like they did. Think about it, is it really that hard to picture dudes plugging in their guitars and being confused about if they like disco, but going for it anyway? We can totally picture Canyons calling their mom from the kitchen to have her come in with some Tang and also to do some hand claps because it's what would really pull the song together.

And the track......

Download: Ladyhawke, "Dusk Till Dawn" (Canyons Garage Disco Mix)